September 19, 2019

Accent Walls Ideas for Living Room

Place blue curtains on the windows. Choose a style and fabric that works with the style of your decor accent walls ideas for living room. For example, royal blue velvet curtains work to create a regal appearance while aqua curtains are suitable for a beach-inspired design. Organize blue cushions on the couch. Select a combination of cotton blue plaid and solid blue cushions, and organize corner sofa in an elegant country living. Large square pillows with tassels powder blue edges placed along the back of the sofa are complemented by a traditional design.

To display images that have the accent walls ideas for living room. Images that have different shades of blue suit geometric shapes with contemporary design and paintings of a work blue hydrangeas in a room vintage. Cover the floor with a blue carpet. Use a solid blue colored shag carpet or rug, featuring models and designs in shades of blue, for example.

Fill glass bowls or vases with blue marbles or sea glass, and put out on the shelves or tables.  Create a simple centerpiece for your table, placing a blue pillar candle on a blue glass plate. Add lighting elements that have blue. Use blue lamp shades replace their existing lamps with blue tones match with accent walls ideas for living room.