September 19, 2019

Affordable Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass garage doors are not as common as garage doors are made of wood, steel or aluminum. Some prefer this material over conventional alternatives because fiberglass is lighter, cheaper and relatively, but not the best choice.

Disadvantages of fiberglass garage doors: Fiberglass doors provide poor isolation, especially during the winter, which is not the case when compared to glass fiber insulation which is considered to be highly efficient. These doors deform and break easily during both cold and hot, which makes clear that the garage doors do not last long and need to be replaced earlier, compared with steel. These doors cannot withstand strong winds and are not appropriate in the coastal areas with high wind frequency. These areas not endorsed building code required for fiberglass doors, etc., as they are considered well below the standards expected of building materials.

Advantages of fiberglass garage doors: The new models feature a steel frame underneath the fiberglass panels giving garage doors more resistance from the wear caused by constant use. The resistivity of heat transfer is enhanced by special foam core R value which is covered with airbags. These airbags reduce heat transmission is allowed to pass through it.