September 19, 2019
Puck Lights Led Photos

All About Puck Lights Led

The puck lights led are small lights that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to illuminate or area that is difficult to illuminate. These lights are usually small and independent, running on batteries or through a solar charge for night use. There is also led puck permanent lights that can be mounted under cabinet, in a hallway, or a garden area and provide long-term lighting.

Sometimes they are known as “cabinet lights”, the puck lights led can be used both indoors and outdoors for different purposes and in different spaces. These lights are usually quite small and round, similar in size and shape to a hockey puck on ice, for this reason have received their common name.

Often manufactured disc-shaped and are circular, usually either two flat sides for mounting and lighting, or a single flat face for mounting and a dome shape that provides illumination. Most led puck lights have several LEDS inside, providing sufficient lighting for small indoor or outdoor areas.

Most puck lights led provide white light to help illuminate a path or corridor in the dark, or to provide a subtle light over a large area. There are also lights made with colored LEDs not only provide illumination, but also create dramatic and interesting light and color patterns.