September 18, 2019
Awesome Arms Reach Co-Sleeper

Arms Reach Co-Sleeper Instructions

Arms reach co sleeper – Raise the lower horizontal line on the side of the playpen removed when you convert it to a co-sleeper. Press upper bar inwards, with print in two different places. Find the locking tab in both upper plastic corner pieces and push the tabs toward the center of the playpen. Increase plastic connector up and out of the receiving slot. Press the top line to the lower setting, and clicks. Pull up on the middle of the bar until it locks into place.

Insert coupling piece at the end of a pole with a hanger ending. Place another rod on the other side of the coupling piece so you have a long pole arms reach co sleeper with two hanging ends. Repeat with the remaining pieces. Hanging rods from the top of the upper bars on the two sides, which are shorter pieces. Pull back corners of the cloth over plastic corners and secure them with snaps. Thread the Velcro strips on the bottom of the playpen floor through the holes in the fabric and wrap them around the hanging rods and back through the screen holes.

The nylon straps from the plastic resistance plate and lay straps across the adult bed. Place the straps so that they align with the center of the co-sleeper location. Space straps between the mattress and box spring on adult bed by placing straps and resistance plate top or bottom of the bed and use a BT2508RC movement to bring them to the desired location. Place the resistance plate on the opposite side of the bed. Attach the straps to the co-sleeper by dragging them around the legs of the co-sleeper and clamp them to buckle at the back of the co-sleeper. Your arms reach co sleeper was done.