September 24, 2019
Baby Boy Nursery Bedding

Baby Boy Nursery Bedding Ideas

Baby Boy Nursery Bedding – When expecting a new baby, parents often have great joy in preparing the nursery while waiting for the baby to be born. Paint spots on the walls of the nursery in any color you want. To make your moles perfectly symmetrical, create a template so that you get the points perfectly at all times.

Baby boy nursery bedding place your plastic sheeting on a flat work surface and use a compass cutter to cut plastic perfectly round circles. If you want to have polka dots of different sizes on your wall, creating a circle of different sizes on each sheet to suit your needs. Clean the walls and make sure they are prepared and painted in the color you want them to be. Moles should be a finishing touch on the walls and painted.

Baby boy nursery bedding, place the template against the wall where you want to paint a mole. Secure the template in place with tape painters. Dip a small roller, foam paint to use for their moles and use the roller to fill in the template circular hole. Apply several layers until the moon is completely filled in. Repeat this process to create polka dots all over the walls. Use the same color throughout or different colors to match the theme of the room. Use a combination of large and small dots, depending on the number of templates that you made.