September 22, 2019

Best Vanity Table with Lights

For vanity table with lights, better to combine cold and warm light or how It would look better makeup. Most of the time tell us that the best light makeup is natural light, the more the better natural light and this is true but with nuances … if we make up only with natural light (for example against a window) must be consider if the day is cloudy, sunny, etc., etc … because it looks as if there will then go somewhere with artificial light will be totally different makeup. And this does not happen if you have makeup with a temperature of 3400ºK , which is ideal for a vanity table with lights since it will be a perfect light after to fit any space, whether natural or artificial light.

And all this I am referring to a vanity table with lights that we direct from front. Most of the time in the bathroom for example, only has a light source that comes from above and this really must be avoided, because they will be and mark more areas of darkness and did not see anything favored by which also we will tend to abuse the makeup and recharge to look better.