September 22, 2019

Blue Brown Paint Wall Living Room

Paint the walls of the blue brown paint wall living room. Choose furniture for the living room of brown wood, as a center matching coffee table, bookcase and entertainment. Collection of dark wood such as cherry or mahogany, to create a rich look. Go with light wood such as oak, to create a more casual style. Improve space with a sofa with chocolate brown cotton or leather upholstery.

Improve furniture items brown with blue sky textiles. Fold a soft blue throw blanket over the back of the brown couch. Place blue pillows featuring floral or geometric brown and white in every corner sofa. Set a blue blanket sky on a hardwood or tile to add color and comfort blue brown paint wall living room.

Decorate the blue brown paint wall living room. Show a picture of a bird in flight or any other related to the sky on a wooden frame image. Install a wood wall shelf and place glass bottles vintage blue sky full of seashells in it. Add a fresh touch to the room with flowers. Fill a ceramic vase with blue sky and brown stripes with elegant white flowers such as roses or calla lilies.