September 19, 2019

Choose Color Living Room Decorating Ideas 2015

Choose the samples of paint you like to living room decorating ideas 2015. Measure the size of your living room to determine if it is a large, medium or small room. Sort through its paint particles. Divide into two piles. Cast out the colors of your list of potential candidates in the first round, following this simple visual color volume rule. Choose the category of best color to your room size. Move all these colored chips to the second round of the process of decision making.

Windows on the east and north sides of the house are considered cool windows as the sun is not coming through these windows at the highest point of the day. Sort through your chips remaining colors, this time using a rule of simple color temperature. Choose colors  living room decorating ideas 2015 range from warm (red, some purple, yellow, orange) to cold storage. Choose colors (blue, some purple, green) range from warm cold rooms.

Compare six remaining candidates to chip color living room decorating ideas 2015 other factors, such as color or colors floor treatments of large furniture items that you do not intend to replace. Determine how these candidates could work with colored end (or against) these other elements.