September 19, 2019
2015 interior design for small living room

Cool Interior Design for Small Living Room

How to interior design for small living room .living room is one of key areas of house because it is where most usually remains. Most living rooms should be multifunctional and have enough space for family and visitors. If you are inexperienced in decoration of these areas there is no reason to worry.  To decorate a small room, it is very important to choose right color, that way we will make space look bigger or smaller. Cool tones are highly recommended for decorating small rooms, because they help visually expand space.

Cool colors most used are currently: green, gray and blue. In a living room gray color is great, because it is neutral color and guns with any obituary colors. To make your interior design for small living room look airy and higher, we recommend you paint ceiling lighter colored walls.

In an interior design for small living room should have furniture comfortable and always be light colored, so that match color of walls. Also, make sure not to have too much furniture as this will only give a cluttered look to room. Note that furniture is extremely important because it is in charge of its functionality to space of room.