September 22, 2019
Corner Electric Fireplace Tv Stand Black

Corner Electric Fireplace Tv Stand

Corner Electric Fireplace Tv Stand – Flat-panel television is used more often in home these days to get rid of large bulky sets occupying much space. With the addition of a flat screen for home, all kind of possibilitie open as to where you can put it. Since it is a focal point of a room, many homeowners install it where you can see from most living areas. If you have a corner electric fireplace tv stand, flat screen allowing the ability to hang the TV on it and not the division of attention of the room.

Instructions: 1. Separate the mounting bracket in two parts. You should slide apart. Place the piece of TV mounting bracket to the back of the TV. There are bars connection on the back of the TV. Do not place the TV face down to do this. Keep upright to prevent damage to the television. 2. up to the bottom of the TV to the mounting bracket on the back of the set. 3. Transfer of the measurement in step 2 to the space above the corner electric fireplace tv stand. Measure from the mantelpiece and make a mark. This is where to place the lower portion of the other half of the mounting system.