September 17, 2019
Tall Cabinet with Doors Ideas

Corner Tall Cabinet with Doors Wood

Tall cabinet with doors – Step by step instructions for measuring the closet door frame your face for a new cabinet. Most companies want you to give them cabinet size than the actual door rough openings. You will need to take these measurements and convert them to the size of the door before you order.

Check opening your closet to see if they are square. This is easily done by measuring diagonally from corner to corner both ways. If the measurements are the same, then you square opening. Check with the manufacturer of hinges you to know how much you need. Most hinges need to be anywhere from zero to a quarter inch clearance. You will also need to see how much clearance there is between the top opening and a counter top or drawer front. Check the bottom for any decorative moldings that might hit the bottom tall cabinet with doors you and adjust accordingly.

Most tall cabinet with doors own overlay of a quarter inch by three-quarters inches. Rarely, you may have an outer layer of this range, but they do occur and are usually just a few doors in the cabinet which was odd. Overlay of one-half inch is probably the most common, and one that we will use for our example.