September 19, 2019

Create Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Recommendations to modern living room design ideas, is advisable to use spot colors, always combining black, white and gray. When we combined some of these colors, we can include in them, through decorative details, other more vibrant like red, purple, garnet or orange.

To achieve modern living room design ideas also need good lighting. We must create luminous points in space. For this will place, first, a main screen as a lamp or a modern form. We will also post other lamp beside the couch. Lamps rigid foot and square screens are the best.

The shape of the furniture will also be a key point to create modern living room design ideas. It is advisable to look for furniture with low rise and straight, simple forms without volume, as it is about finding simplicity and flatness. The environment must not saturate with much furniture. Therefore, only we will place those that are useful. The best furniture can be one that has a gloss finish or lacquered.