September 19, 2019

Elegance Armani Home Furniture

Armani home furniture: the elegance of a big fashion Home usually works similar to the costumes and wardrobe mode. We like nice clothes and may not know to give up some designer fashion, combining the beauty of the materials quality and comfort. Similarly happens with home furnishings, choosing the kind of furniture, stylish, they have an obligation to be the work of a famous fashion houses worldwide. The furniture and decor are like Armani home furniture, simple but beautiful.

Armani home furniture was founded in 2000 to complete a fashion house that wants to spread his philosophy of life on many different fields, including home decor, bringing with them their dominant values ​​that a conception of the house as a private place special, sophisticated and elegant at the same time in which to find the salient features of the style of the fashion house.

In the collection of Armani home furniture can find everything you need for a special atmosphere of home, furniture and accessories, textiles, objects and lighting. Also in 2010, Armani Home catalog also includes a complete modular system for calculator bathroom designed in collaboration with Rocha, and a full kitchen to comply with any decor.