September 20, 2019
Wall Entryway Shelf with Hooks

Entryway Shelf with Hooks Design Ideas

Entryway shelf with hooks – One of the most functional and well used pieces of shelving in a home’s entryway shelf, the perfect resting place for loved winter hats and snowy coats. Whether you are planning a shelf for a small apartment or a sprawling home, the basic design of classic hall shelf adapted to any home and space. A hall shelf is an excellent project for the beginning home improve or a creative adaptation masterpiece for the more experienced woodworker. Simple design and materials make this project quite flexible.

DIY entryway shelf with hooks, Locate studs in the desired wall using stud-finder. Mark their locations using pencil. Measuring the distance between the studs by means of the measuring tape. Set the broader shelving board up and down. Place wood shelf brackets underneath it, as they will be installed, the same distance as the former stud measurement. Fix the brackets to the board shelf with wood screws, periling holes if needed. Measure the distance between the inside of the two brackets. Cut 3-inch shelf board to fit into these brackets, the use of the saw. Place the newly cut board between parentheses, flush and perpendicular to the 6-inch shelf board. Prevailed holes through the top surface of the board 6-inch shelf and into 3-inch board. Fasten with wood screws.

Do hooks evenly on the 3-inch rack board and secure with wood screws, periling if necessary. Put the assembled bookcase against the stud markings and use a pencil to mark the screw positions in brackets. Prevailed these holes, making sure the drill bit turns the wood studs each time. Attaching the entryway shelf with hooks to the wall studs by means of long wood screws.