September 17, 2019
Faux Candle Chandelier DIY

Faux Candle Chandelier Designs that We Know Today

Faux candle chandelier – chandelier lamps have their origin in the candelabra used in medieval times. To illuminate the rooms were placed a set of candles hanging from the ceiling with ropes or chains. The bases of these chandeliers were evolving into decorative objects.Gradually incorporated new materials and created lamps more complex up to the designs that we know today.

Height decoration. “faux candle chandelier or chandelier” in Crystal lights is an element of decoration and lighting that gives a touch of elegance to the space they occupy. Already they are not limited to traditional designs, but that many come in ways unthinkable and original waterfalls or simulate vines.

You must take into account that these parts require special care so they can show all their brightness (in fact, the first “Crystal flush mount” served the purpose that this material maximize the potential of light thanks to the phenomenon of refraction). Decorative faux candle chandelier, most are made in fine glass and it takes a feather duster to clean them.