September 22, 2019

Find Out Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Reclaimed wood console table – Whether recovered, modern or classic lines, consoles and sideboards help complete design environments. While consoles are lightweight parts and does not take up much space, besides dresser who is thought to have a piece decorative- want to store.

“This furniture is made of different materials such as stainless steel, glass, wood, mirrors, etc. There are upholstered in leather or imitation leather and painted polyurethane idea that all furniture should be only wood has changed. Combination of textures gives excellent results “, he refers interior designer Nicole Futterknecht.

If reclaimed wood console table is at a main entrance, interior Viviana Paez suggests decorating surface with an arrangement of flowers or vases of various sizes, “it is also helpful to place tray or container for keys or correspondence. In addition, you can place photo frames or a table lamp, “he says.

On it can be mirror for depth and breadth. “Personally, I like use of mirrors, because they are subtle and combine with all styles,” said Paez.

“Average height of reclaimed wood console table is usually 75 cm to 85 cm, I recommend having light fixture on a color that mimics space,” says Nicole Futterknecht. If area allows, place cabinet behind a chair to frame space and achieve functionality.