September 19, 2019

Furniture for summer home Decoration

Furniture for summer home – Want to decorate your home, giving you a new look? An excellent choice is to breathe in summer and leave his home to face the hottest season of the year and cheerful! If you prefer a clean environment, bet on a minimalist, monochrome d├ęcor using colors like white and cream. And if you enjoy super color environments, red, purple, blue and orange are great options to change the decor of any room.

Furniture for summer home good home decorating tip is to bet in the summer in the rustic style. Carpets, towels and covers made of natural fiber or rentals are great options for rustic decor, as well as decorative objects. Minimalist and monochrome environments are perfect for receiving flowers with vibrant colors, such as red, creating super cute contrasting colors.

Already in environments with strong tones, you can dare more using plants with different colors, since in harmony with other furniture for summer home. For areas with rustic decor, potted foliage is perfect! Also take care to change some parts of the room. Cushions and fabric curtains with very thick, for example, match the winter. For summer, choose versions made with lightweight fabrics.