September 18, 2019
Perfect Bay Window Curtain Rod

Homemade Bay Window Curtain Rod

Bay window curtain rod – Bay windows add design to any room and let in lots of light. Bay windows usually consists of three main windows in a three-walled overcome the window in the center is wider than the windows on the sides. When you want to hang curtains on the bay windows, consider making homemade curtain rods to fit your style and suit your decor.

Buy three small bay window curtain rod from your local home improvement or retail store fit each window. Male curtain rods to match your decor. If you have black and white decor, paint the middle rod black and two outer rods white. For added decoration, use stencils to draw patterns on curtain rods. If the bay window in a kitchen, you have decorated with wine accents, you need a grapevine stencil to paint vines on curtain rods. Add sparkle to curtain rods in a girl’s bedroom by spraying them with glitter craft spray before hanging them over the windows.

To create a character-type look at bay window curtain rod, consider using branches. Find smooth branches and cut them lengthwise fit each window. You can use sandpaper to smooth down branches. Male activities or leave them natural. Hang tabbed curtains from the branches to hang over the windows. Alternatively, you can paint the branches white or light brown paint and small leaves whole branches.