September 22, 2019
Popular Narrow Chest Of Drawers

How Distress a Narrow Chest of Drawers

Narrow chest of drawers – Change the look of your comfortable you can do with a little paint and sandpaper. Instead of painting your comfortable a solid color, you can paint the vanity with two colors and then apply distressing furniture techniques to give an aged appearance. This will make the comfortable worn and well used even look if the piece of furniture is new.

Place your comfortable on a canvas in a well ventilated area. Use a screwdriver to remove any hardware narrow chest of drawers. Arena whole soft cloth to remove any previous finish comfortable. Wipe off dust with a clean tack cloth. Keep a chain in his hand and struck the comfortable furniture dent in random areas. Nails hammer in the comfortable to simulate wormholes. Remove the nails. Pour a mixture of 50 percent of an acrylic paint color and 50 percent water in a container, mixed with a stirring rod. The first layer of paint must be the darker of the two colors. Some good colors are blue and tan, ivory and brown, and green and cream.

Distress a narrow chest of drawers, Use a rag to apply the paint mixture for comfortable in an even layer. Allow the paint to dry completely. Sand comfortable in areas that normally would show more wear. This includes the top, the edges and legs. Wipe off dust with a clean tack cloth. Mix the paint with lighter colored paint 50 percent and 50 percent water in a clean container. Apply the mixture of lighter paint for comfortable in an even layer with a clean cloth. Allow the paint to dry completely. Spray comfortable with a layer of polyurethane sealant to protect the finish.