September 17, 2019
Best Bunk Bed Frames

How to Build a Bunk Bed Frames

Bunk bed frames are convenient style bed. They are perfect for children because they resemble a playground and a saving of real space that almost every family needs. With basic construction supplies, they can create real bunks are sturdy and functional. Place four tables 2 by 6 inches and cut the length of two to 6.5 feet. Cut the other two to 3.5 feet.

Spread rectangle in a bunk bed frames and screws the ends together. Cut four 2 tables 3.5 more feet 6 inches, place them in the box as a support. Screw two tables 3 inches from the foot and head of the frame. Screw the last two 25 inches and 48 inches from the foot of the bed. Now you have a finished mattress.

Cut four long beams, 2 by 6 inches to 65 inches. Support beams at their ends to the bedposts. Using the cartridge pins, attach the frames to the rafters. The lower bunk bed frames will join about 1 foot from the ground and the top bunk is about 4 feet off the ground. Ensure that frames are flush and secure it in place.

As support center post to the next. Cut two tables of 2 by 4 inches on each side for two berths