September 22, 2019
Clean butcher block table

How to Clean a Butcher Block Table

Butcher block table are useful when large pieces of meat are cut, or when it comes to clean your hunting or fishing prizes such as fish, birds, mammals or reptiles. Butcher block tables are usually made of hard wood such as oak in order to cope with the sharp edges of your tools. Remember never use sharp cutting tools that come in contact with the table. This can make butcher block table splinter, which means you have to sand down and repaint before you can use it again. A butcher block table is a beautiful addition to any kitchen, rustic to modern.

Clean table used to its former beauty is not a difficult task, but it takes time and attention to detail. Instructions to clean a butcher block table. Scrape all excess moisture from the butcher block table with metal spatula. Mix ΒΌ cup of bleach in a bowl with 2 tbsp. mild detergent and warm water. Wipe the butcher block table with the solution using a sponge. Wipe the excess moisture with an absorbent towel. Apply mineral oil to cover the second sponge and butcher block table completely. Wipe off excess oil with a clean towel.