September 22, 2019

How to Decorate a Long Living Room

How to decorate a long living room, narrow room becomes a challenge when decorating. The mission is to make the space look larger and wider, creating several separate properly environments. Many long narrow rooms that look magazine, so this challenge is not impossible. Find out in this post the tricks you need to know to decorate long narrow rooms.

The first thing to know how to decorate a long living room, narrow halls is that the side walls must be painted in a light color. Light colors make these spaces look larger, while dark colors or vinyl in bright colors will make the room look even smaller and narrower. You can paint the bottom wall of a dark tone for the space look less long.

Think and decided what the functionality of this space. Want a lounge for entertaining and dining? How to decorate a long living room with TV?  You’d better choose two or three functions and divide by usage. You can separate rooms by placing a sofa in front, so that the back of this serves to divide between one area and another. Shelves, rugs, discoloration on the wall, sliding doors and screens are some alternatives to divide spaces.