September 22, 2019
beautiful navy blue candles

How to Design Navy Blue Candles

I have been teaching paraffin candles do, but I think we have not taught you to make gel candles, so we have set to work to teach you how to make gel candles marine super-simple they are very decorative. Can decorate navy blue candles the way we like, but we have decided to make marine way. We have put some sand in the bottom and on top we put them in a shell and some other shells.

We’ll take the paraffin navy blue candles and get in a pan then not going to use to eat, and the fire will until a small portion unbolted. That will be the time to put out the fire and melt the small piece with the residual heat of the pan. Once melted paraffin all we have moved to a glass jar and we find it easier to throw the cups with a pitcher.

Now would only wait for it to dry completely, cut the excess wick candles and our use or make to decorate our house. You see how easy it is to navy blue candles is not complicated and not many materials are needed. We hope you liked it, and as always we say.