September 24, 2019
Best Rustic Wood Coffee Table

How to Make Rustic Wood Coffee Table

Rustic decor requires simple furnishings with a lot of texture. Distinct parts of room with rustic style are coffee tables made of horns and chairs made from branch of branches. You can make a rustic wood coffee table easily recovered from a window or part of old door.

Instructions to make rustic wood coffee table: find an old window. Legs for your coffee table can also be reused or purchased new at your local home improvement supply store. Sand the wood sections of your window with medium or light-grade sandpaper. Most of the windows have been painted, so if you want to stain it to your room, you need to sand all the way to the wood.

Cover the glass with tape to protect it from paint or stain. Painter’s tape to get easier, but you can also use tape. Apply the finish and let it dry. Remove the tape. Complete the coffee table legs the same as the window are retrieved. New legs will prime before painting them. Apply stain as you would on wood previously stained.

Attach the rustic wood coffee table legs to each corner of the window. New legs can have captive screw fixing in the wood or use strong adhesive such as Liquid Nails.