September 19, 2019
Image of Tree Stump Coffee Table

How to Make Tree Stump Coffee Table

A tree stump coffee table, as the name implies, the main body of the table is made from a tree stump as. With it, you can save a lot of things.

Instructions to make tree stump coffee table: get your tree stump. Cut the stem to the desired height. It cans about 2-2.5 meters. Use a chainsaw and goggles for this step, and do it outdoors. Be sure to take the bark of the trunk which contains insects and other creatures. Then spray the stump with bleach and water solution to kill any remaining insects.

Place stump in a warm place, preferably near a stove or other heating device. Your goal is to ensure that the tension is completely dry and there is no point of residual moisture where mold and insects could reproduce. Sand of the total area of the stump, using a sander to reduce the time and effort it will take that step. Make sure that all the bumps and splinters are removed.

Cover the stump with ink. After painting, sand the tree stump again until a smooth and glossy finish. Finally, to make tree stump coffee table, coating the polyurethane core. Make sure sand between coats use fine sandpaper.