September 17, 2019
Wrought Iron Candle Holder Photos

How to Make Wrought Iron Candle Holder

Wrought iron pieces are versatile in interior design, adding classic elegance and a rustic touch to the decor of home. Even a novice metalworker can put together a utilitarian wrought iron candle holder, although some assistance may be necessary when welding pieces of iron.

Diagram their wrought iron candle holder. Design the object with at least three legs for stability. Cut at least three pieces of iron square pipe 1/2-inch to the same length, to serve as legs. The pieces should be a little longer than the height is expected to be completed, taking into account the curve becoming iron.

Fold each piece of pipe, hitting in the center with a hammer. Hold one end of the tube in hand, about 4 inches above the work surface. Hit the tube several times in the downtown area, to the desired shape. Needless each piece of pipe around with the hammer.

Staring at the pieces at the end, and solder the midpoints together to form one piece. Make sure each piece is firmly on the work surface.

Place a flat piece of metal on top of the legs together. Welding point where each of the legs to touch the plate. Apply a coat of black paint on the metal, to finish wrought iron candle holder.