September 22, 2019
Paint Living Room 2015

How to Paint Living Room

The wall paint living room can transform the look of your home. You can make a small room seem substantially higher using light colors or create a climate based on the paint color of your choice. To paint the room, start with the ceiling and then paint the walls. Complete with a decoration.

Directions to paint living room: 1) prepare the walls and the ceiling (see the site of the eathappyblog: “How to Prepare a Room for Painting” – “How to prepare a room for painting”). Use a primer stain blocker to cover any dark mark that cannot remove (stains, spots, pen ink, dark ink), otherwise this area will continue to appear even after painting. Never paint over wallpaper (see in the eathappyblog website: “How to remove Wallpaper” – “Removing wallpaper”). 2) make sure you have adequate ventilation in the room. 3) Plan of three layers: a layer of primer and 2 (two) coats of finish. Always use the primer on stained surfaces and unpainted; raw material surfaces suck the ink like a sponge – or reject it. 4) Paint living room on all edges with a brush 5 cm or 7.5 cm. 5) Pour some paint on the roller tray and roll the paint on the ceiling and walls. Pour only a small amount of paint on your roller tray – this will prevent the ink to dry before using it.