September 20, 2019
Platform Bed Frames Style

Ideas of Platform Bed Frames

The elegant designs of platform beds provide a touch of unexpected elegance, serving primarily as functional pieces of art in many contemporary homes. The platform bed frames is different from the traditional style of the bed frame in a couple of remarkable ways. On one hand, it eliminates the need for a bulky box spring mattress, which instead or futon mattress to rest directly on the frame itself. Extra Elespacio normally takes for the box spring in normal bed frames is released for other uses, as a trundle bed or extra storage space. Platform beds are all about maximizing functionality by removing unnecessary frills bed.

This forces the entire structure of the bed to rely on the strength of these key points of the sleepers. These strips are often not integrated into the platform bed frames, pureed slip out of place in time, making box springs to fall.

Platform bed frames are the transverse support beams integrated into the framework. The beams are placed much closer together, able to support the mattress comfortably on its own. Since the slats are part of the construction, there is no possibility of slipping out of place. The weight of the mattress extending over several points, so safer entire frame. Some platform beds have a solid foundation, which provides further support for the mattress.