September 22, 2019
Modern Under Bed Storage Drawers

Ideas Under Bed Storage Drawers

Under Bed Storage Drawers – Storage drawers are useful accessories that help keep organized and protected until needed items. Drawers are often made of plastic, although wood are available for a more finished look. Regardless of the material it is made drawer storage, decoration that adds a personal touch to this ordinary-looking accessory. Select the method of decoration that fits your tastes.

Use high gloss acrylic craft paints to create designs in different parts of the storage drawer. Paint decorative borders around the sides fronts, top and drawers. Create a colorful design, painting each drawer front of a different color. Embellish storage drawers with decoupage photos or paper patterns. Cover all panels’ storage drawers or just the front. Glue the papers or images to the surface. After the glue dries, cover with a layer of decoupage medium. Allow to dry and cover with a clear sealant.

Create a border with small pieces of tiles on the front of the storage drawers or create a small mosaic image. Place tiles with urethane glue. Avoid using thick or heavy drawer tiles due to the extra weight. Change the storage drawer is appearance by decorating different areas with decals stick hand. Use these in any of the plastic crates or wooden storage to peel the backing and pressure on the surface. Create a different look by changing the decals occasionally for variety.