September 23, 2019
DIY industrial console table

Industrial Console Table Modern Design

Industrial console table – Passionate decoration and DIY (do it yourself). In my blog, House Hauls, I share these passions and a lot of inspiration to transform your space in the home of your dreams, and I’m very excited to be in A Personal Organizer today, collaborating with a Christmas post, on how to set the table.

Christmas, and other seasonal dinners require a special table for our guests. Fortunately, setting the table does not have to be complicated or difficult, just a little creativity and make use of what you have on hand to let her beautiful and amazing family and friends. Industrial console table for kitchen, here I share our Christmas table, hoping that will inspire you to create your own version.

Our starting point is the tablecloth, in this case white and silver. A cloth in neutral tones is the perfect base, and we can give contrast to the color we want, on the road and on the individual, and change it easily later occasions. Industrial console table modern, If you like traditional colors, like me, you can use red or green to make the contrast, however increasingly being used other colors in the Christmas decorations, so you can use the tone that you like and that fits the rest of your house