September 19, 2019
picture design wall sconces with candles

Inspiration Design Wall Sconces with Candles

If you want to fill a blank space on your walls and add some ambient light, wall sconces with candles can achieve both effects. Let fixtures draw the eye with bright colors, textures and glamorous ways that accentuate the rest of your decor. Remember to keep the concept of balance in mind – splashing colors, textures and forms in different places in the room or area you are decorating.

Appliqué sitting against the wall, add some applets wire mesh embellished sculpted into a shape or pattern. Paisley patterns work well when you want to add curves and soft lines to the room. Accent with some candles that follow the general form of the sconce. To wall sconces with candles paisley, using small round candles. Sconces placed next to each other or use them on opposite sides of the room to balance.

How to break something round and wall corners. You can do the same as the use of color. Make your room pop yellow with some red or deep blue appliques. For a project of saving money, making some wall sconces with candles your local thrift store and paint. Choose a solid color, and experiment with stencil images and patterns.