September 19, 2019
Led Chandelier Beautiful

Led Chandelier those Wonderful Palatial Illuminations

Led chandelier – the LED lights are everywhere. As spiders, climb and reach walls and ceilings, traveling even in the time to become old lamps, those wonderful palatial illuminations that came from the well-known such as chandeliers, pun intended.

Neither short nor lazy, these led chandelier lights have adopted simple and wonderful arched forms together, difficult to define, which get an also ineffable effect, between the modern and the ancient. And here is the result: a perfect substitute for those that mimic, with the green of this new type of lighting benefits.

Its creator has been the designer Mathieu Leharneur, who has create led chandelier for a particular custom, so they are unique, but seen the result, soon inspired similar models everywhere. If not the view in perspective, they seem simple tangled LED tubes, but everything is recomposed and takes its harmonious shape when observed at a certain distance.