September 19, 2019
Modern living room color schemes

Living Room Color Schemes of Chocolate Brown and Mint

An outline of attractive colors for a home is the combination of chocolate brown and mint green. Plus they wish to eat ice cream mint chocolate chip, this color scheme is soothing and light, since it refers to the colors of nature. If you’re thinking about doing something different to decorate the living room, trying not to let living room color schemes of chocolate brown and mint combination. Paint the walls of living room color schemes with a chocolate brown or green mint for instant renewal. However, if the living room is small, you may want to stay away from dark brown color, as it will make the room look even smaller.

Incorrect green hue can also make you feel a bit suffocated. The solution is to alter the color slightly. You can use the combination of dark brown and mint green without overdoing. Green furniture can look a bit dated; therefore, to respect living room color schemes of chocolate brown and mint is ideal buy brown furniture. Buy a brown sofa and armchairs of the same color. If the room has walls cream or brown curtains gets green mint. If the walls are green, choose brown shades.