September 21, 2019
Living Room Colors Ideas 2015

Living Room Colors 2015

Living room colors 2015 – The decorating trends   change every year especially in the field of color. Proposals for palettes and color ranges prepared by decorators 2015 comes loaded with new features and adapt to all styles of decor. But focusing on the colors for the living room in 2015, we find inspiration in nature that brings elegance to the room.

Living room colors 2015, palettes for salon proposals by decorators in 2015 are all an inspiration in nature. Therefore highlights green and blue colors, but also citrus and fruit tones. One of the trends of recent years was the decor in two colors, as is the case for example of black and white, a classic in the field. But the interior also propose that in 2015 let’s try to decorate with three colors such as gray tone, bright red and a natural tan.

Depending on the style of decoration living room colors 2015 that we have in our living room, interior advise adapt the color range, for example, if the decorative style of our room is vintage, t e have to paint the walls and decorate with fabric in pastel colors, but if we decorate the stay in a rustic or ethnic style, we have to opt for a more colorful range but with worn look.