September 22, 2019
Awesome Modern Wall Decor Ideas For Modern Living Room

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Living room wall decor ideas – When the color of the tile on the walls makes you think of the warm breezes of Mexico or in the sun in the southwestern United States, look no further a design theme. Opt for heavy furniture based on leather and wood, and colorful hand woven blankets hung on the back to embrace the casual style of the Southwest. Locate terracotta decorative elements like suns, moons, stars and snakes, and cover your floor with common cold tiles in these areas.

You will see the rich living room wall decor ideas terracotta colored spices that are on the market, in a desert sunset bright and homes throughout the Middle East. To create the appearance of the Middle East in your house, buy one or more reproductions of terracotta oil lamps used in that area. Installs an intricately painted border around a fireplace, windows or doors tiles.

The feeling of the ocean waters of the Mediterranean can be embedded in your living room wall decor ideas. Touches of Spain, Italy, France and Greece are required to turn your room into a paradise by the sea. Use colors to accent bold as teal, green, yellow, blue and ocher for your living room. Get chandeliers, tapestries and other decorative objects in bronze and wrought iron.