September 20, 2019
New furniture 2015 design

Making New Furniture 2015 Vintage Look

Vintage furniture shows signs of wear, including scratches, dents and chips. The shabby chic style decoration is mainly based on period pieces, but the pieces are sometimes expensive. As long as you have a few tools available and wooden furniture, you can recreate the vintage look. Give piece of new furniture 2015 that great vintage look with just a little work. Establish a plastic tarp and put new furniture 2015 on top. Sand the wood with sandpaper 180 grit.

Clean the dust or paint with a soft cloth. Paint the furniture with a shade of paint using paint roller on a flat surface and brush for heavy or decorative areas. After the first dried paint layer, applying a second coat. Cover new furniture 2015 with paint in a completely different color, as green paint on top of paint white.

Hold the knife at an angle and gently run it through the corners and edges of the piece, removing some of the top layer and revealing the paint underneath. Use sandpaper in other areas of wood, sanding until you reveal more of the other layers of paint. Apply paste wax with a soft cloth and rub it on the wood with a circular motion.