September 15, 2019
Modern Platform Bed Frames Ideas

Modern Platform Bed Frames

Modern platform bed frames are most commonly made of wood, not necessarily for structural reasons, but simply because the aesthetics of a platform bed low profile is much more conducive to the use of wood for use of the metal. Almost any kind of wood can be used to make a bed frame platform The most popular choices are based on the density of the wood, grain patterns and color, Therefore the woods most used are oak , cherry, ash, walnut.

As far as colors and designs for modern platform bed frames go, depending on the type of wood that is constructed from but because many modern platform beds are some tropes are consistent to recognize design. Lighter as sonutilizado pine and birch wood grain patterns show while darker woods such as cherry and walnut are used for their intense colors. Some wooden beds are finished with paint, and the most popular colors that are black and white.

Styles of modern platform bed frames vary according to taste. A popular model is the sleigh bed with headboards and high and curved brackets. Another typical style has built-in storage below, often integrated into the bottom or sides of the bed drawers. The most common style is simplistic, and very popular, without heads or stirrups to draw away from the style options of their bedding.