September 22, 2019
Creative Custom Mirror Frames

Paint the Custom Mirror Frames

Custom mirror frames – A strategically placed mirror can make a room seem larger or add visual interest to any wall, while a single frame or mirror with little appeal could undermine the decor theme. Decorate a boring old mirror frame or a finding of the store with a coat of paint or some faux painting techniques. Give her a mirror frame made ​​of wood or plastic finish gold, silver or bronze metal spray paints. A painting of bronze or gold in a wooden frame carved and ornate mirror gives an ancient and warm look, while the silver paint on a simple square or round mirror creates a look clean and modern.

If you’re going to paint a plastic of custom mirror frames, looking spray paints specifically designed to adhere to a plastic surface. Of course, you are not limited to metallic shades of spray paint. You can use bright primary colors, deep jewel tones or any color you prefer. Regardless of what color paint you choose, protects the mirror sprayed with newspaper and masking tape.

Place the paper on the custom mirror frames surface and put tape on the edges only within the framework to prevent paint cover the surface. If you skip this step or the mirror paint stain through the newspaper, you can remove gently scraping with a razor blade.