September 20, 2019
Black Painted Picture Frames

Painted Picture Frames

Painted picture frames РThe frames are expensive, but are necessary for the aesthetic value of your paintings or photographs. When repairing wood frames, you can save money. The two types of repair fix most common joints are loose hook corners and replace loose or fallen.  Use the pliers to remove the nails from the union is loose. Carefully remove separates the two parts. Some frames have one or two nails holding both parts corner house. Others have just glue. If you can not take the nail, use a small saw to split it in half and then remove the clamp arc.

Place the painted picture frames on a flat surface and scrape the remains of old glue. Fill the nail holes with a little wood putty and paired with the fingertips. Wait for the putty to dry and sand with fine grit sandpaper until the surface is partner.

Subject frame corner with a clamp so that the two angle pieces of wood are perfectly aligned. Sand lightly if uneven edge was not to allow a perfect union. Remove the clamp and apply a thin line of glue along the inside edge of each piece, press and replace the clamp. Before replacing the picture or the painted picture frames, waiting for the glue to dry thoroughly.