September 19, 2019
building country living rooms

Pictures of Country Living Rooms

It’s time to turn your living room into one that exudes look and feel of a cottage in country. Pictures of country living rooms look combines elegance, nature and country in a decorative style. Paint walls of your living room a faint shadow, extremely light yellow. Yellow walls radiate French country and let you set color elsewhere in room. Commonly, pictures of country living rooms have two primary colors: yellow, and blue or red. Yellow is main color of room, usually located on walls, as well as some furniture and curtains. Blue or red is used as an accent color in a French country living. Place blue or red accent elements throughout room, but limit amount of them – too blue or red objects taken away from French country look and feel of room.

Select a variety of white and blue or red of different sizes for display in your pictures of country living rooms cuisine. different sizes display visual interest to lend. If you have porcelain plates in storage or sitting in a closet, you can use it in living room. Purchase plate hangers and hang plates on a wall. Group of plates together to create a focal point