September 16, 2019
Rustic Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

The reclaimed wood coffee table, either wooden pallets or other wood used, are fashionable. It is the current trend in which all they have a used, old industrial aspect takes place in any environment. We show them how to make a coffee table from reclaimed timbers, unlike other examples we have seen around this table is very elegant and has a lighter side, perhaps by the type of legs used to make thinner.

To carry out this reclaimed wood coffee table the key is to have a good saw to cut the ribbons to the extent we want. With slats have to make a framework that will coat the bottom and side of the table. Must not protrude too, its height will be the core plus the thickness of the strips forming the top. These cut them into 45-degree angle to form the characteristic chevron design of the table.

The reclaimed wood coffee table can finish installing a glass cut to size to cover the top, but the finish with rough wood is ideal especially if you are having a nice wood betide. The finish we can do well with a sealant or just with beeswax to give you a more consistent finish with its natural and antique look.