September 16, 2019
Ideas of Shadow Box Coffee Table

Shadow Box Coffee Table Ideas

Shadow box coffee table – You may think of a coffee table just as a place to rest your drink and hold magazines – and maybe rest your feet.  Shadow box coffee table includes either a large box, or several smaller openings, covered by a glass plate. You can fill the table boxes with almost anything, making them an easy way to show off your personal style and add to your decor.

A shadow box coffee table is a perfect place to incorporate natural elements in a room. Fill wells with natural stone, shells, dried flowers, sea glass, driftwood or other natural items that coordinate with your decor. Create a landscape on a small scale in your shadow box tables; for example, filling the box with clean sand and decorator arrange shells, rocks and drift wood to resemble a natural shoreline.

A shadow box coffee table can serve as a three-dimensional scrapbook, so you can share your memories and treasures with family and friends. Postcards, photos, ticket stubs and souvenirs are conversation starters when arranged in a shadow box. Create a collage to show all your trips at once, or arrange the boxes by destination or specific trip. If you have not traveled the world, you can still pay your shadow box table to display your adventures.