September 24, 2019
Black Shadow Box Frames

Shadow Box Frames From Lucite

Shadow Box Frames – Whatever the elements, a shadow box will allow you to show them to create art for the wall of his house. Choose a Lucite frame. The frames are available in most hobby stores and art and come in a variety of sizes. You must ensure that the frame is large enough to accommodate your articles. Most Lucite frames have sides that are an inch thick. Make sure you buy under the removable lid, so you can insert your items and parts that are high enough to close on your memories. Gather your items. Decide what items to include in your shadow box keepsake. Consider giving the picture of a subject and use pictures to tell the story.

Choose a color scheme for shadow box frames. Once you have chosen your articles and photos, you need to decide on a color for the background. Because the framework is clear lucite all sides will need to add a background color using either fabric or thick paper. You can also choose to use a pattern.

Set the background to the structure of shadow box frames. Cut fabric or glue to fit snugly in the frame. Using a glue gun, hot glue fabric or paper to the back within the frame. Allow the glue to dry completely before placing the elements.