September 18, 2019
Best Solar Powered Water Fountain

Solar Powered Water Fountain Ideas

Solar powered water fountain – Groundwater extraction requires a significant amount of energy. That is why so until the industrial revolution, for the use of large volumes of groundwater mechanical drive systems employing natural energy sources (animal motive power, windmills etc …) were used. With the advent of electricity was available an abundant source of energy and a series of technical progress as are the electric hydraulic pump that made accessible the use of groundwater to many more people.

But now an urgent need to reduce the consumption of electricity from power plants that burn fossil and strong dependence that is created around them fuels. With the use of photovoltaic solar panels for pumping groundwater technical advances associated with electricity (electric pumps) along with the appeal of having a source of indigenous and renewable energy are combined solar powered water fountain.

The solar powered water fountain cost of the facility is the only major disbursement to be made, because the maintenance required for this type of system is minimal and its operation, by using the sun’s energy is free. You can make any size facility.  It is water that is absorbed by the soil and groundwater is such that can be extracted by pumping.