September 22, 2019
Tall Floor Candle Holders Ideas

Tall Floor Candle Holders

Paint your tall floor candle holders with acrylic paints and a brush. Paint booth fall colors, or create your own unique design. Cut a sheet of Styrofoam to the base of the centerpiece. Use a knife to cut the sheet of Styrofoam to any size or shape you choose. However, you should make it big enough for the tall floor candle holders to sit in the middle of it, and falling leaves attached to it.

Attach the stand base candle Styrofoam using glue. Focuses its base in form of Styrofoam before pasting. Allow the glue to dry and add a candle to the top of the tall floor candle holders. Press the stems of artificial leaves, artificial flowers or fall into the Styrofoam. Start adding the leaves or flowers near the base of the tall floor candle holders, then work your way to the edges of Styrofoam, covering it completely.

Cut two holes in the top of an artificial pumpkin using a knife. The holes should be large enough to insert candle holders. Insert a candle holder on each hole. The candle holders should be thin, tapered candles for. Use of glue, paste artificial fall leaves in the top of the pumpkin, which surrounds the tall floor candle holders. Allow the glue to dry. Insert tapered candles in tall floor candle holders.