September 22, 2019
Tall Pillar Candles Ideas

Tall Pillar Candles in a Variety of Colors

Tall pillar candles – ideas art using pillar candles, pillar candles come in almost every imaginable color, and a wide variety of sizes and heights. There are many ways to decorate and create with pillar candles. Use hot pressed to place flowers or candles accounts for beautiful results glue. Acrylic paints are another beautiful way to decorate pillar candles.

Select a wide pillar candle in a light color and attach pressed flowers. Choose tall pillar candles flowers and leaves that grow in your garden and cut at the height of her beauty. Autumn leaves are another idea to decorate pillar candles. Press flowers and flat sheets between the pages of a heavy book or below.

Select a pillar candle and seed beads in a variety of colors or tall pillar candles. Gather enough pins to be used for the placement of seed beads to sail. Decide what will create the design on the sail. It can be a specific design or something abstract.