September 22, 2019
Bar Height Dining Room Table and Chairs

The Suitable Bar Height Dining Table

Bar height dining table – If you want to buy a round dining table and wondering how long it should be, there’s no reason to worry. Thankfully, the furniture industry standard dining table height, making it easier for consumers to mix and match tables and chairs to their wishes and know that the pieces will work together as far as height is concerned.

Bar height dining table are usually forty two inches from the floor. If you want to buy a bar height dining table or counter-height stools sure to measure them before you buy them. Take note of chairs with arms. Measure them to ensure that the arms will fit under your table. Also watch out for low or wide table aprons. Some common height dining tables have aprons – wood panels that attach the legs to the table top – which reduces the amount of space under the table.

But not as commonly used as a standard bar height dining table. Extra high tables and chairs can be hard to find. Look for them on a bar stool specialty stores and restaurant supply company, or try an online search. You have to choose the suit chair for your dining table.