September 19, 2019
Toy storage solutions for small space

Toy Storage Solutions in a Small Room

Toy storage solutions coming up for small spaces can be a challenge, especially with young children involved. A child’s bedroom is not just a place to sleep; it’s also a storage area of ​​games and toys. Get the most out of a small room with innovative storage ideas that work with existing furniture and fixtures. The captain of a twin bed offers plenty of space for toy storage solutions in integrated under bed drawers. This storage solution takes up no more space than a standard double bed.

Closing drawers also provide a clean look, and toys can be organized by type using different drawers of different types of items. Mesh net hung like a hammock in the corner of a room can provide space to hold a collection of stuffed animals. This format is also an attractive way to display these toys. Wall shelf can provide space for toy storage solutions, books and games.

This space can be maximized with storage compartment. Use plastic containers to store similar toys; besides providing an organized presentation container small components of construction games and will remain together. Stickers with photos of building blocks, dolls can be decorative and useful for children who are not readers.