September 22, 2019
Tree Trunk Coffee Table Design

Tree Trunk Coffee Table

A few branches and tree trunk coffee table usually not worth much to us, but after seeing these projects and wood designs will be convinced that really worth much if you give the correct use. No longer will look at these branches just like a source to make fire with them you can make furniture, candle holders, lamps, hooks to hang your coats and all kinds of decorations for your home. So stop flow that imagination and venture to give your home that rustic look you’ve always wanted.

Make a tree trunk coffee table logs, or a railing with a long trunk. The plates of food your dog will never be better than in a piece of wood. A modern chair made of logs this table lamp does have a look outdoor. Your bathroom could be your little corner of nature, A bird feeder, A chair made from logs relaxation, Or a simple table bedroom.

Hang your coats in these hanger branches, Transform the trunk in a bedroom lamp, a beautiful bookcase made from a tree trunk coffee table, Candle Holders. A water fountain made of logs, a work of art on the wall, Perhaps you lean for an original centerpiece, Decorate your pots with branches, Use a large trunk as potted plants for your garden.