September 19, 2019

Wonderful Marble Top Dining Table

Marble top dining table – Both marble and granite, are stones of much use in construction, in homes and public and commercial buildings. Its implementation in construction area has a long history. Marble top dining table is a material with a porous surface, this is a disadvantage when they spot an area of marble, for being porous material, and stain penetrates quite easily. While cleaning marble is not difficult, key is that when a stain on it occurs, immediately proceed to remove, for that will not be bound by it.

To clean this material, it is advisable in any case is cleaned only with water , and using a soap depend on type in question, whether it is a neutral or mild soap can be used. Are nothing recommended for corrosive products, as these damage surface. There are, for example, rust cleaners, marble in use is not recommended, since these products are as acids; remove natural luster of marble. A homemade solution for removing stains from marble top dining table, is preparing a mixture of water and vinegar or water, salt and lemon, which is allowed to act on surface for a few minutes, to avoid damage, Then rinsed with water